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Hello and welcome to my REDWINGz page. The REDWINGz are the new hope for the planet of Earth. I the great Dragoon am the creater and leader of the REDWINGz. I am asking all that see this be a part of the growing group to help bring peace to the wrold.

REDWING members can be found all over the net. The main place I find new ppl or just to play is Here i play StarCraft-BroodWars. a nother place is, here we play Total Annihilation but if u are intrested E-mail me or find me some other way from my info page. E-mail

So far i have recruted 10 ppl. To be a part copy and past the form bellow and send it back to me and i will see u if u are worthy of bing a REDWING REDWINGz Membership File Name: Age: Sex: Location: AOL Instant Messenge or AOL (AIM): ICQ #: web site (if u have one): Favorite Game: Favorite T.V. Show: Do u like Dragons:(Yes/No) Do u Beleve in Dragons:(yes/No) Why do u want to be a REDWING: Help us become the #1 on the net and the world.

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