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Real Info

Hi my name is Chris, I am 17 years old, That would mean that i was Born in 1983, I was born in the month of July, on the day off the 22, so all together is it July 22, 1983. I like to play games, all play kind of games, my fav. StarCraft-BroodWar. I like listen to my MP3s {music on the computer}. I have alot, some of my fav. are ICP and bloodhound gang. well i think that is it for my music.
Some other info is that i am a Jr. at Mansfield high school, that means that I am in 11th grade.

Want to Know more???? ask

Better look

This Pic if from one of my classes. I will try to get a better one soon.

Here we go:

Hight: 5' 8"
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Blue
Shoe size: 11

Anything elas just ask.....

Other Info


ICQ: 30148993

MSN mesunger: RWdragoon

Napster: RWleader RWDragoon
meet me in channel: SGP server: Exodos

As u can see I use my nick name for evething.